Gifts Made In Honor

Undergraduate Scholarship Fund donations can be made in memory or in honor of family or friends. Here is a list of those honored by our generous donors.

Gary W. Ahlgren
Lincoln Laboratory
Air and Missile Defense Technology

Division 3, 4, and 10
Technical Staff, Associate Group Leader, and Group Leader
"A True Leader"

Patricia Crowley Berlan

Staff Director, Telecom Systems

Leonard W. Bowles
Lincoln Laboratory

Group Leader

Donna Burns
Lincoln Laboratory
James W. Coleman
Graphic Arts

"An outstanding supervisor and a dedicated retiree."

Ben Collins '16
MIT Alum and Family Member
Timothy J. Collins '89
MIT Alum and Family Member

"30th Reunion Year"

Lois deRochemont
Office of Sponsored Programs

"In honor of her retirement and being my mentor"

Richard E. Dolbec
Lincoln Laboratory

"Friend, Mentor, and 37 Years of Service"

Anthony Farrell
Community Services Office

"Outstanding support of Retirees Association"

Jack H. Frailey
Office of the Vice President for Finance
Paul E. Gray
MIT President Emeritus

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
"Walking on campus, hand-in-hand with Priscilla! Two special human beings!"

Priscilla K. Gray
MIT Family Member

First Lady of MIT from 1980–1990

1954–current: active volunteer in the MIT community

Ragnhild T. Gundersen
Laboratory for Nuclear Science

Scanning Manager and Secretary

Prof. Donald Harriman
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Parsons Lab
Mary A. Hatch '09
MIT Alum and Family Member
Lisa Ireland Hill
Lincoln Laboratory
Division 6

"A loyal, dedicated co-worker"

Susan Hockfield
Brain and Cognitive Sciences
MIT President Emerita


Julie C. McLellan
Office of Admissions

Director of Admissions


Paul & Lillian Newberne
Nutrition and Food Sciences

"For their work on Amino Acids"

Gail M. Novak
Student Financial Services

"In honor of Gail Novak upon her retirement."

L. Rafael Reif
Office of the President

MIT President, 2012 – 2022

"In honor of L. Rafael Reif's inauguration as 17th President of MIT"

"Remarkable presidency of MIT"

Herb Sherman
Lincoln Laboratory

Group Leader

David M. Snider
Lincoln Laboratory

Group Leader

Glenn P. Strehle
Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer
Treasurer's Office
Kimball Thurston
Lincoln Laboratory

Group Leader

Tobie Weiner
Political Science

"The Best Undergrad Administrator: always there for her students, caring."

Prof. Rainer Weiss

"Gravity Wave Discovery, Nobel Prize Winner in Physics"