We are especially proud of the MIT Retirees Association Undergraduate Scholarship Fund which provides financial support to MIT undergraduate students with first preference to direct descendants or family members of retired MIT employees. Since its inception in 2006, the fund has raised more than $180,000 in donations made by MIT retirees, and has awarded 16 scholarships to MIT students. A gift to the scholarship fund is also a way to honor a colleague, friend, or family member, or to mark an achievement or milestone event.

More than 70% of MIT undergraduates receive some form of financial aid. A few notable highlights about MIT’s commitment to financial aid and the impact of your donation:

  • MIT is one of only seven need-blind, full-need colleges in the U.S.  MIT does not consider a student’s ability to pay for college in the admissions process.  Full need means that MIT is committed to meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need with financial aid.
  • 33% of MIT undergraduates do not pay tuition due to MIT’s need-based aid.
  • About 85% of MIT students graduate debt-free. Those who do borrow have debt at graduation considerably below the national average. Members of the Class of 2022 who took out loans graduated with an average debt of $14,200, 60% below the national average.

Your generosity over the years has helped to achieve a very worthwhile goal – the opportunity to offer an exceptional education to students who have genuinely earned it, regardless of their financial need.  If you are in the position to support the scholarship fund, donations may be made by credit card (preferred method) at MIT’s secure donation site or by completing this donation form and sending it along with your donation to our office address.

We greatly appreciate your support of the MIT Retirees Undergraduate Scholarship Fund as do the scholarship recipients – our future scientists and engineers – who are contributing to MIT and the world in inspiring ways.