In Memoriam

We remember with fondness our departed MIT colleagues and friends. This In Memoriam listing contains the names of MIT faculty and staff who were confirmed deceased by Human Resources, MIT News, or family members. Names listed in red include a link to the individual's obituary, provided by friends or family. To report the death of or supply an obituary for faculty or staff, please email

The leaf icon that follows an individual's name indicates that a donation to the MIT Retirees Undergraduate Scholarship Fund was made in loving memory of the deceased.

David J. Benney
October 9, 2015
Joseph H. Brenner
MIT Medical
September 30, 2015
Peter J. Causton
MIT Press
November 2, 2015
Barbara B. Cholakos
MIT Medical
June 24, 2015
Suzanne C. Collins
MIT Family Member
March 3, 2015
Linda A. Desmarais
October 4, 2015
Francis J. Fay
Laboratory for Nuclear Science
September 17, 2015
Joseph J. Golomb Jr.
Lincoln Laboratory
March 23, 2015
Howard Green
October 31, 2015
John J. Laplume
Facilities & Physical Plant
October 12, 2015
Grace C. Locke
Sloan School of Management
October 13, 2015
Liba Mikic
Division of Student Life
December 23, 2015
Paul & Lillian Newberne
Nutrition and Food Sciences
March 22, 2015
Cecilia O'Connor
Controller's Accounting Office
October 22, 2015
John D. O'Sullivan
Controller's Accounting Office
December 27, 2015